Welcome to Gallegos47.com!

What's the deal with the number 47? Well, simply put, the number 47 just so happens to be one of my favorite numbers. Plus, I'm a Star Trek fan, and it's used a lot in the series starting with TNG. DS9 and Voyager also use it a lot. Also, in today's world of millions of domains already owned by everyone, I had to come up with a domain name other than simply my last name. So, the number 47 was a perfect fit. You will be able to email anyone of my family members by using the format: first name at gallegos47.com.

If you want to see something with animation and cool effects, go to the movies. However if you want a simple cool site which has lots of information about whatever I'm interested in sharing, then check out all the links from here.

A Little About me

Who is this Raul guy anyway? I'm just a simple guy who likes to read, play on the computer, play with mobile devices, and play games. I am also a technology instructor. If you want to hire me to teach you or your organization something in the way of tech, please visit RGA Tech Solutions to find out more. Oh, and hey! If any links do not work as they should, please leave me feedback.